Thursday, March 29, 2018

Meet our incoming students!

We had a terrific group of applicants this year apply to the sound design MFA program, and it was a tough decision to choose which two we'd invite into the program. But, Mike and I are excited to introduce the class of 2021 at UCI Sound! Elisheva and Garrett are both remarkable artists, and we're looking forward to having them join us for three years of intense development.  Stay tuned for great things from them!

Elisheva Anisman recently graduated from Western Washington University where she studied theater, audio recording, and storytelling, in addition to sound designing a plethora of productions. She is passionate about how and why stories get told and how sound can help communicate a narrative. Since graduating she has worked as a sound designer or engineer for a variety of local companies in northwest Washington and has experimented with performing her own music.

Garrett Gagnon is incredibly excited to be joining the Sound Design program at UCI! He has lived in the Southwest Michigan area his whole life, and can’t wait to make the trek to the West Coast. He has been a musician (vocal, piano, drums) his whole life, and has always been able to find work that pulls from his strengths. He has worked at two different recording studios, and engineered live and studio albums in various genres, primarily focusing in jazz and classical. Garrett has also built a relationship with many theatres and schools in the area, and has been resident Sound Designer at Farmers Alley Theatre for the past few years. He cannot wait to start exploring what he can bring to the Sound Design program at UCI!


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