Monday, January 30, 2012

DPA links

I came across some interesting links the other day while browsing the DPA site.

First is a great video on how to fit an e6 microphone:

And second, a nice guide on microphone basics (there is a downloadable pdf there too):

The cool things you find when looking for other things.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A visit to Meyer Sound

On Monday, January 9, the entire sound design program visited the Meyer Sound Laboratories plant in Berkeley, CA. The tour was led by UCI Drama alum Todd Meier - who is the Digital Products Manager for Meyer. Everyone was blown away by the intense and thorough quality control and attention to detail. We've all known that their products sound great - but now everyone knows why.

L-to-R: Mac Johnson (Meyer), Mike Hooker, Matt Glenn, Jeff Polunas, Stephen Swift, Patricia Cardona, Josh Fehrmann, Beth Lake, BC Keller, Vincent Olivieri

The visit was preceded by two days of rampant debauchery on the other side of the bay -- winding up towards a great evening at an awesome bar with Ellen Juhlin, Michael Creason and Tom Cavnar from Meyer. I'll let everyone else choose what pics to share - lest I ruin any more reputations!