Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Los Angeles Ovation Nominations

Every year, the LA Ovation Awards celebrate the best of LA-area theatre. This year's nominations are out, and for the first time, one of our own alumni is among the nominees! Noelle Hoffman MFA '11 was nominated for her co-design of Wicked Lit 2013, produced by Unbound Productions. Congratulations Noelle!

The rest of the Sound Design nominees include a number of familiar faces to the UCI Sound Design program. Drew Dalzell was Noelle's co-designer for Wicked Lit; Drew is a frequent guest critic for thesis productions (most recently last spring), guest artist in class, and has been a great supporter of our program in general. John Gottlieb teaches at CalArts, way up the road, but he also has been a thesis critic at UCI. Cricket Myers has also sat in the critic's chair.  John Zalewski (who has two nominations, which is actually chump change compared to last year's FIVE) has been both a thesis critic and a guest artist in our classrooms.

Congratulations to all of the nominations, but of course, I hope Noelle & Drew win!