Saturday, May 28, 2011

An interesting question about Intellectual Property

Sound Designers have a very complex relationship with Intellectual Property (IP). On one hand, we're creators of IP. Our designs are (usually) our property, which we license to theatre companies for the runs of shows. We trust large parts of our IP (sound files we build, computer files we create, etc.) to business colleagues to use in ethical ways: in licensed productions only. We trust these companies and individuals not to steal or illegally use our work.

On the other hand, sound designers are also consumers of IP. We regularly use copyrighted music and sound effects in our designs, and when we do, we engage in a complex dance of ethical responsibility, legal responsibility, and creative accountability. How do you secure the right to use someone else's IP? Whose job is it to secure that right? What is a fair compensation for a specific piece of IP? How do I as a sound designer balance the needs of my client (a good design, on budget, on time), the needs of the owners of the IP I use (financial and/or psychological renumeration for the use of their IP), and my needs (a good level of efficiency, maintaining good personal and professional relationships, money in the bank, and work I can be proud of)?

Sound Designers have these conversations all the time. Different designers answer the question in different ways, but it's something we think about and talk about a lot.

Then, this morning, I read an interesting blog post, about a similar question from the photography world... what do you think?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The first wires have been run...

It is almost two years overdue - but the first of thousands of wires have been pulled in the Meyer Studio!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Margarita Monday Reunion

We have a long-standing tradition here called MMM (Margarita Mondays with Mike). The whole dept. (on a good Monday) or at least part of the sound area (typical) gets together for some food, drink and good cheer. This one, however, was special... the stars lined up and we had a reunion! All of the past and present grads showed up -- along with BC, Vinnie and I.

Here's a peek...

6:30PM - not yet completely out of control... the alums are on their best behavior (as seen by the birdies).

7:30PM - Cory, Joe and Palmer. Up until this moment, we really missed them. It's been much more quiet this year... hmmm.

8:30PM - Everyone except Mike.

10:00PM - Nevermind that the camera was leaning from being propped up on two chairs.... everybody was leaning a bit for other reasons

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The new studio gear starts arriving...

The new studio equipment has started arriving! Here's the first two truckloads:

Todd and Jeff assembling the mixer stand. It's like Ikea that's too big to fit in a Volvo:

The finished mixer stand with the Avid console inside:

F*#@ng instruction manuals! ProTools consoles are just as hard to put together as the software is to use. The Yamaha is just being used as a table right now:

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's that time of the year again!

The sun is out, the winter blues are being taken over by plants trying to reproduce. And as such, cause humans to have allergies. Since we don't want to do away with the plants, I have added a new feature in the shop...

Meet TikiTom!

Here he is, keeping watch over the shop.

I know what you are thinking, BC, it's more Moai than Tiki! But hey, the box it came in said Tiki, so his name is Tiki Tom.