Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Margarita Monday Reunion

We have a long-standing tradition here called MMM (Margarita Mondays with Mike). The whole dept. (on a good Monday) or at least part of the sound area (typical) gets together for some food, drink and good cheer. This one, however, was special... the stars lined up and we had a reunion! All of the past and present grads showed up -- along with BC, Vinnie and I.

Here's a peek...

6:30PM - not yet completely out of control... the alums are on their best behavior (as seen by the birdies).

7:30PM - Cory, Joe and Palmer. Up until this moment, we really missed them. It's been much more quiet this year... hmmm.

8:30PM - Everyone except Mike.

10:00PM - Nevermind that the camera was leaning from being propped up on two chairs.... everybody was leaning a bit for other reasons

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