Thursday, January 21, 2016

UCI Sound will NOT be attending URTA this year.

We previously suggested this, but now here's the official word: UCI Sound Design will definitely NOT be attending the 2016 URTA reviews.

We are, however, actively recruiting for graduate students. So, if you are interested in the Sound Design program at UCI, please do not expect to meet us at URTA. Instead, please reach out directly to either Head of Sound Design Mike Hooker or Head of Design Vincent Olivieri. Both of us are happy to correspond with you as you work to determine which schools are most appropriate for your application this winter.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Honors in Sound Design: Jacques Zwielich!

We here at UCI Sound are pleased to announce that just before winter break, Jacques Zwielich was granted Honors in Sound Design! Jacques joined UCI just over a year ago as a transfer student and immediately contacted BC and Vinnie to discuss sound opportunities. We welcomed him with open arms and he's been an incredible asset since.
While at UCI, Jacques has participated in shop crew (taking more units than required), taken multiple classes with the MFA students, A2'd 2 musicals, assisted on 2 mainstage plays and designed many Directing Class Projects (AND has completed all of his honors requirements in 4 quarters). On top of all of the amazing things he's accomplished and learned, he's a joy to be around and can lighten any situation. We're incredibly proud to know him, and have him officially enter our UCI Sound family.
Congratulations, Jacques!