Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poor Davey the Dumpster

Every action has a consequence. Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug. Sometimes you're the louisville slugger, sometimes you're the ball.

Sure, that ball went over the wall for us, with several palettes of Meyer Audio gear arriving on campus in the past month or so. But the action of receiving all that wonderful gear has a negative reaction. Let us all take a moment and show some sympathy to poor little Davey the Dumpster. Not only was he filled to the point of overflowing, he was surrounded! Foam, boxes, and palettes, oh my!

Many thanks for the hard work from Patricia, Stephen, and 101 students Sam and Dominic for getting all the items unpacked, and hauling the packaging down to the dumpster.


  1. And here's to the abundant UCI recycling bins that are so... nowhere useful. Go green!

  2. In fairness to UCI, the instructions for cardboard are, (and I quote our fearless leader) "Flatten out the boxes, put them under the dumpster so they don't blow away, and the cardboard lady comes around and collects them. She takes the palettes too!"

  3. this is a terribly sad picture. Styrofoam reuse program go! ~Stephen