Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D-Mitri !

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new addition to the family! UCI is the proud owner of a bouncing new baby D-mitri system!

Well, hopefully not BOUNCING, as that probably isn't good for the equipment. But it does have SSD hard drives, so at least the audio wouldn't skip.

I digress.

With much help from Tom C. at Meyer Sound, and lots of iChat screenshare, we have the AVB switch on line. We have tested all the inputs, all the outputs, file transferred audio to the WildTracks hard drives, and recorded audio to the WildTracks hard drive from the analog inputs! All seems to be working.

And, to keep Mike happy, the first file uploaded is Universe Of One!

(now we just need a pretty road case for it).


  1. Definitely happy about D-Mitri. Not at all happy about your choice of music! (oh.. it's "Universe of Two", BTW)

  2. Isn't 'Universe of One' just a mono mix-down?

  3. Oops. Sorry I got the name wrong. I'm afraid I have never had the pleasure of taking your Critical Listening class. Guess I need to sit in on it next time it's offered.

    For the record, I copied the track from Qlab2 laptop. Alas, whomever loaded it onto the laptop, failed the part of class where you taught proper naming of files. Yikes! "01 Track 01" was the name. Maybe all those ones confused me.

  4. You can thank iTunes for naming a ripped CD. I don't teach illegal ripping of professor's CDs in that class!

  5. BC, if you need an illegally ripped copy of Mike's CD I have one. Sometimes when I'm lonely I'll put it on loop.