Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meyer Studio grand opening

Last night was the grand opening of the Contemporary Arts Center here at UCI. The CAC (or 'cack,' as it's now affectionately known) houses lots of new lab space, including The Meyer Sound Design Studio, the home of the Sound Design program here at UCI. It's a beautiful space (you can see photos in earlier posts on this blog), and we were lucky to have some folks from Meyer down to join us for the celebration.

We'll post pretty photos here soon, but as a teaser, here's a shot of Todd Meier, a Digital Products Manager at Meyer Sound AND a 1992 alumnus of UCI. He was part of the Meyer delegation, and we were delighted to have them down. Here's Todd with Patricia Cardona MFA2, talking to Beth Lake MFA3 (off camera) yesterday afternoon.

And Jodi Hughes and Todd Meier in front of the dedication plaque...

More pics coming soon...

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