Tuesday, March 27, 2012

USITT 2012 SoundLab

SoundLab is complete! All speakers and mics are hung. The surround listening area is up. SIM zone is there. Qlab & D-mitri too. And Shure way in the back! It's pretty sweet! Great job to everyone who helped plan it, and install it. Let the fun begin! Welcome to USITT 2012 Long Beach!
Here is a link to a PhotoSynth I took of the whole room. A 180ยบ view of things. Front is the presenters tables. To the left is the surround sound zone with TiMax. Back Left is a D-Mitri and Qlab stations. Back Right/Center is the Shure Wireless mics. Back foreground are the digital mixers, and in the corner back right is the SIM station. Lots of toys to play with!


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  1. Thanks for the pic, BC, and big thanks to Mike and everyone else on the SoundLab committee! It's an amazing space, and they all toiled thanklessly to bring it together!