Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Progress in the new shops

Hi Folks,

Hope all your summers are going well. Just a quick blog post to update the progress that is going on here.

With the help of Stephen, Marshal, and 101 Rachael, we got the new workshop (3036) BLUE! It's very pretty! And getting real close to time to move the shop from the basement up to 3036.

We have also made some progress in the storage room (3026). The cable hook wall was installed last week.
Here is a picture of Joe pulling a "Palmer" trying to find the studs. Seems they aren't evenly spaced in that room.

The bottom row is up! Jeff collapses in the corner as Joe gets ready to hang the next one.

Jeff investigates the gizmos hiding above the drop ceiling. Oh, and look at that, the second row is up!

Here the third row is in! The wall is complete!

The speaker rack is started! The wall anchors are in, the uprights are up! All that is left is to fill those last cheeseboro's with the last pipe.

The pipe is in! Jeff is checking that it's level, as Joe tightens the nuts.

And it's up! Jeff gives a last twist, as Joe checks out the handy work. Now, all we need to do is hang some speakers on it! It will be jam packed!

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