Sunday, March 24, 2013

D-Mitri Training

Earlier this week we had D-Mitri training held in the Meyer Sound Design Studio. We’ve had our D-Mitri modules for almost three years now and have used them in shows but this was our first formal training on CueStation 5.4.0.

Martin Carrillo taught our course and it was great to have a sound designer who frequently uses CueStation in his designs help us navigate the software.  We covered a lot of ground, from configuring the system from scratch to making Spacemaps and programming a CueConsole. Some of the cool things we learned include vamping and de-vamping by using a commands subcue set to Wild Tracks type with the command “set loop counter” as a handy way to trigger the completion of a loop. You can also trigger a command to play cues from within a Wild Tracks deck which is very useful when events need to happen in particular parts in time/music. Another awesome feature is the ability to preview subcues when you have a subcue selected in the cue list or cue library. Pressing the “Preview Subcue” button will pop up the corresponding window for whatever subcue type information you have captured as a visual way to check your work. As part of our lab time some of us refined our Spacemap trajectories, played with looping in Wild Tracks, and Stephen and I decided to program a “Vegas Mode” for the CueConsole! It was a great opportunity to program a CueConsole and a lot of fun to make! Enjoy!


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