Friday, June 22, 2012

Phase, Phase, Phase

This week, we were happy to welcome Steve Bush from Meyer Sound to UCI. He taught 2 seminars: Fundamentals of System Design, Implementation and Optimization. And Quick System Setup and Alignment. And the reoccurring theme was "Phase Phase Phase". And my brain, being what it is, kept putting it to the Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson "Say Say Say" song.

Seriously, the classes were great. Everyone loved them, and thought Steve did a wonderful job getting the material across. The little pearls of wisdom, from Mini Cooper/Hoogie/Pinky Finger, to "It's all soup!" were great! It's amazing how those little pearls stick in your head. There was science. There was math. There was art. And discussion of A.R.T. (Absorption, Reflection. Transmission)! I will leave it to the grad students to go into more details of what they learned.

It was also great opening our doors to our community to join in on the fun. We had a wide range of participants. A few folks from the corporate a/v industry. Some freelance FOH engineers. Folks from other schools. Theater people. And a few church folks too. A great smattering of people who use sound! I can't wait until the next one. Not only the opportunity to learn new tricks and tips. But also, to meet more of my compadres in the sound world, that work in avenues I don't travel down often. I'm always up for a good war story!

Thanks again to Gavin Canaan, Mac Johnson, Steve Bush, and John & Helen Meyer, for making this all possible.

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